Lonely Wanderer / Artist Statement

A snippet of my therapy journey after I moved to Trinidad for love but only to have my heart broken. With no true friends at the time, I sought to document various place I went to in Trinidad, so that I could get a better lay of the land, as well as, try to accept and understand where I will be dwelling for sometime.

This series continued to grow as I travelled back home to Jamaica. It evolved into my photography journal, documenting my day to day movements in various countries such as New York and Senegal.

Breakfast menu with sink.


Checker's board with tally score.

Pass Time

Butterfly shadows cascade across a wooden wall.

Push Tru

Exterior of a closed cook shop.


Elderly lady walking in a blue dress.


Landscape view of St. Thomas, Jamaica with flag.


Red light in Downtown, Kingston Jamaica.


Exterior of bar in New York.


Fire escape in New York.

Exit Strategy 

Ladies wearing hijab walk past graffiti wall.


Young man looks through window.

Mek 4

Two person on a scooter at the Corniche Ouest, Dakar.


A view of public transportation on the streets of Dakar.


Derelict urban house in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Urban Paradise

Rusted gate spikes.

A Time Well Served

A cross driftwood perched on top of a cliff.

Drift Cross

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