King Yellowman

In my series "King Yellowman" I've decided to take a nonlinear approach of narrating my intimate moments with the Dancehall icon. Yellowman greeted me with his quiet, contagious confidence and said, "Yuh ah photographer n me ah di artiste, just tell me what yuh wah trust you."

The shoot entailed four different outfit changes in a few hours within the Kingdom. An avid LA Lakers fan, the first look was Yellowman head-to-toe in the late Kobe Bryant's legendary no. 24 jersey. To show off his physique, he dressed in full army green fatigues, then transitioned into a tracksuit with musical notes as we moved into his living quarters. His final look was an ode to Italian mobsters/gangsters in a three piece suit. It wasn't an easy road for an orphan "Dundus" (the Jamaican slang for albino), but there in the den of his castle I saw him as a Dandy Lion.

In such a vast home, I sought a balance between him in the space and the natural ambient unveiling of his kingdom, which screamed with so much character that I was forced to streamline my adrenaline because I knew I had to execute. Due to the limited amount of light entering the interior, I used one or two strobes with modifiers to help capture the mood, as well as the details of "King Yellowman" in his castle.

Majestically seated in the den of the kingdom.

Me Run T'ingz 

Yellowman set the standard for DJs whether dundus or not!


​Welcome to the kingdom; King Yellowman seated at end of an empty pool.


Deep brooding portrait of the dancehall icon.

King Yellowman

A legend honours a legend.


Reminiscent of the glory days.


Must be a duppy or a gunman I-man no find out yet


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